JALI Finance

About Jali Finance

JALI FINANCE is a financial institution that has been operating for over 5 years with a focus on motorcycle leasing. We started with motorcycle asset financing, a product that will create thousands of jobs for unemployed youths. We are designing other financial products that will bring a competitive advantage to local factories compared to imported goods and we will play a significant role in job creation, GDP increase, the export-import balance of payment, and self-reliance of our country through taxes attraction.

Our Mission

To promote impactful consumption notably eco-friendly products, revenue generating assets, and products made in Africa, through a credit approach.

Our Vision

To become a Pan-African reference for digital microfinance chain in leasing finance and SMEs trade finance. We pride ourselves on promoting job creation and financial independence through impactful consumption while advancing products made in Africa.

Meet the Team

Felix Nkundimana
Felix NkundimanaCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
With a vast experience in finance, Felix is a certified public accountant and has occupied various positions including tax advisor, auditor and financial business advisor in various institutions including Rwanda Revenue Authority and Deloitte Rwanda. An entrepreneur from a young age, he successfully founded and later sold various small businesses while a university student, to further advance his finance entrepreneur journey.
Jean Paul Rukundo
Jean Paul RukundoRecovery and Logistics Officer
Jean Paul manages the company’s finances including controlling and forecasting the company’s resources. Prior to joining Jali Finance, he developed his career in finance and accounting through the banking sector, where he worked at some of the leading banks in Rwanda.
MURAGIJEYEZU ABIGAILERecovery Officer and Assistant Accountant
With a HAYSTACKAFRICA certificate in accounting and soon to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. She joined Jali Finance in 2020 as a Recovery Officer at the same time accountant assistant
Yonah Tashobya
Yonah TashobyaExecutive Assistant
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University (Through Kepler College) and has over 3 years of experience in the communications and branding sector. He has acquired his experience through working with a couple of non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Yonah is also equipped with digital marketing skills, corporate communications skills, branding, and other various soft skills. Yonah joined Jali Group in 2022.
Vedaste Avemariya
Vedaste AvemariyaChief Operations Officer
Vedaste is a highly experienced banker who served as the Director of Risk Management in Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) for several years, conducting appraisal and risk assessment for large projects financed by the bank. He holds an MBA from the Netherland’s Maastricht School of Management. Prior to joining JALI FINANCE and the banking career, he worked in the private sector as a hotel manager and a management & business consultant.
Mr Aphrodice Iyamuremye
Mr Aphrodice IyamuremyeSenior Accountant
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of Kibungo, and has over 5 years of professional experience in accounting and finance services. He acquired his experience from various sectors such as; manufacturing, non-profit organizations, trading, investment, cooperatives, banks, tourism, and hospitality-social. He worked with Banque Populaire Du Rwanda before joining Jali Group in 2019.
Willy NSHIMIYERecovery Officer
He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the National University of Rwanda. He joined Jali Finance in 2019 as a recovery officer.
Mbabazi Angelique holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Rwanda. She joined JALI Finance in January 2022 as our receptionist.
Himanshu Arvind Kapadi
Himanshu Arvind KapadiChief Finance Officer
Himanshu Arvind Kapadia is a certified forensic accountant and also holds masters degree in business administration which he completed from the University of wales lampeter, London, United Kingdom. He has working experience of more than twenty years with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. This experience he earned from working in three continents i.e. Asia, Europe, and Africa working for industries like manufacturing, mining, non-profit organizations, construction, trading, investment, tourism, and hospitality-social. He has been our Chief Finance Officer since January 2021
Umunyana Manzi Nadine
Umunyana Manzi NadineBoard Member
Nadine is a Board Member who holds an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management. She is also a dynamic and experienced banker, with both national and regional experience in Structuring Deals, Credit Management, Relationship Management, Credit Analysis, Risk Management, and Trade Finance. Strong ability for negotiations for project financing, co-financing, project monitoring, fund mobilization, and syndicated facilities.
KAYITESI Nadine has been with JALI Finance since January 2022. Prior to this period, she served as a receptionist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Rwanda.
Felix Nkundimana
Felix NkundimanaChief Executive Officer
Felix is the company CEO and co-founder, he spent almost all his working career as a professional accountant, tax advisor and financial business advisor. He has been the founder of other firms of the same JALI GROUP as JALI PARTNERS and J.K PARTNERS. He worked as an auditor at Rwanda revenue Authority and Deloitte Rwanda. At a very young age while being a university student, he founded and later sold several businesses like stationary and internet shops and supplying business.
Vedaste Avemariya
Vedaste AvemariyaChief Operations Officer
Vedaste is the Chief Operations Officer of the company. He is a highly experienced banker who served as the Director of Risk Management in Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) for many years. He holds an MBA from the Netherland’s Maastricht School of Management. Prior to joining JALI FINANCE and the banking career, he has also been the Managing Director of one of Kigali’s famous hotel called Alpha Palace Hotel and spent some years as an independent management consultant.
Sara Oon
Sara OonDirector and Board Member
Sara is a Director and board member who has an intensive experience in investment analysis. She is also a Partner at Nisk Capital and worked at Morgan Stanley, Cisco Systems and the Ministry of Finance in Singapore. She has an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California.
Jean Paul Rukundo
Jean Paul RukundoFinance Officer
Mr Jean Paul is our Finance Officer. He has a good experience working in finance department of banks since before joining Jali Finance he has been a finance officer in COGEBANQUE for several years not to mention that he was previously a staff accountant in Jali Partners our accounting firm sister venture. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Independent University of Kigali (ULK).
Albert Kayinamura
Albert KayinamuraProject Manager, Motorcycle Leasing Project
Mr Albert is the Project Manager of Motorcycle leasing project. He has a bachelor’s degree from the National University of Rwanda and before joining us has been the manager of a franchise business in the distribution channel of the national brewery factory Bralirwa and worked in agribusiness. He played a big role in the concept development of our motorcycle project and since then became the manager of that specific project.